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Genesis Networking Group

Genesis Networking Group was formed in 2005 to promote the sharing of ideas and contacts for the commercial benefit of all members. It consists of just one representative each of various individual occupations to enhance the member`s capacity for referrals. The aim is to share the additional coverage of the marketplace available from these members` combined client/customer lists for the benefit of all members.

Members meet fortnightly for breakfast to update our achievements and hear a talk from a member or guest on a subject of general interest to all present. Periodically we run a members and guests luncheon, where we expand our network, listen to an external speaker or two and enjoy the company of like minded individuals. Our aim is to build and retain a membership of between 20 and 30 members whose skills cover many areas of interest in small to medium business. A major aim of the Group is to develop and expand our network by working our network.

Statement of purpose

The purpose of Genesis Networking Group Incorporated is to provide a forum where members promote their businesses. Members refer their clients, associates and others within the Group and learn to be effective advocates for each other’s businesses.

Statement of principles

Members of our Group are business people who are honest, dependable and professional. We undertake to provide excellent services to other members and those they refer, to maintain high standards and to assist each other in business.

Management of the Group

The Group is managed by a Committee that ensures its running in accordance with the Group Rules and the wishes of the general membership. The Management Committee Manual and the wishes of the general membership. The Committee meets four times a year to discuss Group business.

Membership of the Group

The Group is comprised of individuals who own or manage a business in South Australia. Each member represents a unique membership category, i.e. their business/ occupation/ industry. No two members may promote the same or a similar occupation or business. The members come together to exchange business opportunities and referrals.


Regular attendance is a requirement to retain membership of the Group. If a member is to be absent for some time and does not wish a new category representative to be sought and possibly elected, a substitute from the business involved should attend in the member’s place.

Group Activities

The Group undertakes a number of activities: fortnightly breakfast meetings, socials, an annual luncheon , and training courses may also be organized.

Why Join Genesis Networking Group


Learn from listening to seasoned business people on how to better manage your staff, training and overall running of your business. Keep abreast of happenings in the business world to be one step ahead of the competition.


Meet interesting people on a business & social basis with the possibility of forming long lasting relationships. Be a part of a like-minded professional Group to promote your company in the business community.


Enhance your business connections to grow your company in size, income and knowledge. Leverage off fellow Group members to assist with internal running and handling of your business. EG advice on taxation, financial planning, insurance etc.

 Positions Vacant

Travel Consultant
Office Equipment
Crash Repairer
Painter & Decorator

This years Charity

Every year, the Genesis Networking Group supports one charity. In 2019/20 Genesis is proud to support the Sammy D Foundation.

In 2008, Adelaide teenager Sam Davis fell victim of a violent and unprovoked one-punch assault that cost him his life. Sam’s death is part of an alarming trend in our society around alcohol and drug fuelled violence. The Foundation was founded with the ultimate aim of preventing such a tragedy from ever happening again.

Through education and awareness programs on drug and alcohol related youth violence, the Sammy D Foundation offers advice and support to people of all ages, equipping them with knowledge needed to keep safe whilst still enjoying their life journey.

For more information about the foundation and how to support them, please visit their website at www.sammydfoundation.org.au

Genesis Networking Group

Bruno Strazdins
1300 658 960

Arkaba Hotel
150 Glen Osmond Rd
Fullarton SA 5063

Genesis Networking Group
Come Join us for a meeting to see how you can fit in to the group. Our meetings are fortnightly on a Thursday at 7:30am

Meetings are invitation only so just contact one of the members to get an invite.

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